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The 30-Day Liver Detox Challenge

The Powerful Way to Measurably Improve Your Liver Health in 30 Days Without Supplements or Impossible Diets!

Have you noticed that you don't handle certain foods and drinks the way you used to?

Does it take you a lot longer to recover from what used to be a casual night out with friends?

Do you worry that you might have done lasting damange to your liver?

Have you already received a diagnosis such as "non-alcoholic fatty liver disease?"

Maybe you’ve already done the usual.

Have you tried taking a ton of supplements? (Do you need a dedicated cabinet just to store all of your supplement bottles?)

Have you tried the bitter juices and cleanse kits?

Have you tried fasting and some hardcore “cleansing diets?”

I was worried about my liver, and I tried all of those things. A lot of them worked! Sort of. I felt slimmer, more clear-headed, less bloated, less achey.

But the results didn’t last.

Life always gets in the way!

There’s always a special event happening, or travel, or a long work day, or feeding the kids and the rest of the family. It’s hard to live so clean, and eventually, your liver lets you know about it.

I always felt extra bad for those people who could never get past the “detox symptoms” phase, where you actually feel WORSE: worse headaches, skin breakouts, digestive upsets, worse moods… and then just went back to "normal."

But something was still wrong.

You don’t handle alcohol the way you used to.

You have to be a lot more careful about what you eat, otherwise you feel awful.

You just don’t feel good anymore.

When you go to holistic practitioners, they always tell you that there’s “something going on with your liver.” When you go to the medical doctor, they say your liver is fine, but you can tell that something is off. As you get older, they want to put you on more and more medications. For your cholesterol. For your blood sugar. For you heart. They say it’s just aging, but there has to be more to it than that! Maybe they told you that you have a fatty liver or something even worse.

But you can improve your liver health – even without supplements and impossible diets!

My name is Dr. Kim Makoi. I was originally trained as a chiropractor but have specialized over the last 20 years in helping people get well through a truly holistic approach. Like most practitioners, I, too, relied heavily on supplements to help peolpe through toxicity issues.

But now people are burnt out. I wondered if I could create a program that did not require any supplements or extreme diets. Could it be done?


Here is a message from a recent participant who got measurable results before even finishing the program:

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Detox kits give short-term results.

Write your text here

Write your text here

They can help you feel more “clean” or lean for a little while, and then it’s back to the same old same old. You don’t have to keep trying another new product or extreme diet to improve your liver function.

Diets don’t work for everyone.

This is because there’s more than just food that is causing stress to the liver.

The reason that my approach works is because it takes a big-picture holistic approach to tackling the problem from multiple angles.

In the 30-Day Liver Detox Challenge, you will learn:

- How to see the liver in a whole new way

- How to reduce toxins without feeling totally deprived

- How to improve your liver health even if your family is on their usual diet

- How to improve your liver health even while holding your regular job

- How to improve your liver health without adding a bunch of supplements

- How to improve you overall quality of life by focusing on the liver

You will be able to track measurable results and know that your body really is getting healthier!

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My liver has always been a challenge for me – ever since I was 19 years old.

The questions from the doctors were usually something like, “Do you take drugs? Do you drink alcohol?”

The answers were no and no.

So why did my liver always seem stressed?

The likely answer was that I had taken so much Tylenol as a kid for my chronic headaches. We didn’t really know back then how toxic acetaminophen could be and how easy it was to unintentionally ingest a toxic dose. The damage was done. I didn’t need a transplant, but I did need to learn a lot about how to improve my own liver function!

My mind was blown when I realized that my liver could heal and improve in ways that had nothing to do with food or medication. It was a game changer.

As my own health dramatically improved, I shared the new information with my patients.

People who followed the steps got results!

Some people lost weight. Some people’s skin cleared up. Some people’s cholesterol numbers went down. Some people were able to get off of certain medications. Most people had a deeper sense of ease.

Everyone felt that life felt lighter.

I was able to help one person at a time, and as a solo practitioner it felt good.

But earlier this year, I had a brush with death. As I was laying in the ER thinking about my life, my biggest regret was that I had not helped more people. I promised myself that if I got out OK, I would step up my efforts and do more to help more people! And that was the seed of the inspiration for…

The 30-Day Liver Detox Challenge: How to Boost Your Liver Health Without Expensive Supplements and Impossible Diets!

Up until now, the only way to learn this program was to come to my office in San Francisco and to work with me one-on-one. The cost of a single San Francisco office visit averages $250, and to cover all the steps outlined in the 30-Day Liver Detox Challenge would easily cost over $1500!

But I’m not going to charge you that. Not even half. As part of my mission to help as many people as possible, and to make it a no-brainer, I’m charging just $99.

I know that if you take the action steps outlined in this 30-Day Liver Detox Challenge, your life will be changed for the better.

You will have more energy. You will feel more focused and uplifted. Less bloated. You will see measurable differences. You will feel more connected to your body, and more comfortable in your own skin.

The 30-Day Liver Detox Challenge is delivered by daily e-mails which give you simple, precise instructions for what to do on that day. Each challenge begins on the Monday following registration and includes lifetime access to the materials.

The sooner you take action and learn to empower yourself to steer your own health, the better. The longer your body is stressed, the harder it is to get it back to healthy. As we get older, nothing heals as fast as it used to.

This week, you can get started on the 30-Day Liver Detox Challenge for only $99.

In healthcare, you can't guarantee results. But I guarantee that that if you follow this program step-by-step, and you do not feel that you got your money's worth, I will refund your payment.

Will this challenge heal my…[fill in the blank medical condition]?

No, this challenge will *not* treat, diagnose or otherwise address any medical condition! That is between you and your medical provider. This challenge is meant to give you specific tools and action steps to improve your health, with specific attention to things that support the liver.

I see that you are a chiropractor. What does a chiropractor know about the liver??

When I originally became a chiropractor, I thought that all I would need to know about were the bones and how to move them! Once I really got into active practice, it became clear that many musculoskeletal problems have hidden causes. Liver stress contributes to many types of headaches, shoulder, neck, jaw and upper back pain. I found that to help these patients to get out of pain and to really hold their chiropractic adjustments, they had to address the underlying causes which were adding stress to their liver.

I am on medications. If I feel better after this program, can I stop taking them?

NO – you must always consult with your medical doctor concerning any and all issues surrounding your medications! Even if you feel better, it’s never safe to make any changes to your prescription medications without the participation of your medical doctor.

You don't have to wait for "sober January" to work on your liver health.

Let's do this thing!

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